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It's time to get your business online - Fast and without stress

OBD is a digital course for beginners who want to establish their online presence but don’t know where to start. If you’re a solo service provider, who’s just starting out, with no tech experience and no time, this course will help you create an automated online ecosystem that supports your growing business. 

Hey! I'm Victoria 🙂

I'm a business Owner Who wants to Keep Things simple

Seven years ago, I launched LV Linguistics, a corporate language training center in Belgium. I understand  the confusion, self-doubt, and anxiety that comes with launching a new business. I realized that while building a business is a big wonderful puzzle, there are elements that can be simplified and that shouldn’t be overthought. So, I’ve turned the creation of a business into a step-by-step process that literally anybody can follow. This process is intended to be a strong foundation for a fruitful business. 

my goal

I’ve Got You Covered

I take you step-by-step through all the elements that are necessary for your business. From the website to your social media presence. In less than 24 hours, you’ll have everything finished and ready to grow your revenue.

Build Your System

tools/calendly/site/stripe setup etc

Build Your Audience

Lead magnet funnel/social media

Nurture your audience

Stay in contact/email automation

connect with your clients

Sell/receive booking/inquiries

from A real business owner

My expertise

10+  Years Of Corporate and Small Business Experience

Always available to support you with any questions!

Fast – 24 Hours Of Implementation

Easy – Even If Tech Scares You

students are loving the course

just a few of our clients

Handy Coaching Website CTA Guide

Essential Framework: How to Create an online business in a day

Handy Coaching Website CTA Guide

Every day without an optimized website is another day new clients can't find you.

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Handy Coaching Website CTA Guide

Essential Framework: How to Create an online business in a day

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